USS Beacon (PG-99)

USS Beacon PG-99
Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson

First US navy ship to bear the name and named for Beacon, New York. Commissioned 22 November 1969 at Boston MA. and decommissioned 22 April 1977 at Little Creek VA and placed in reserve. After more than 12 years in reserve at the Atlantic Fleet Inactive Ship Facility, Portsmouth, Virginia, she was finally transferred to the Greek Navy on 22 November 1989, and her name was struck from the Navy list in June 1990. Renamed Ormi (P-230), the gunboat remained in Greek service through 1995.

Each command within the U.S. Navy is authorized to display an emblem and motto symbolic of its mission. mission. BEACON’s ship’s seal, or insigne, and motto are focal points of the spirit and being of the ship. The Nike figure is symbolic of grace, victory, and speed - all attributes of the Patrol Gunboat. The Triton represents maritime power, while the crew’s attitude is condensed in Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat - Fortune Favors the Brave.

USS BEACON (PG-99), USS GREEN BAY (PG-1O1) and USS HARLAN COUNTY (LST-1196) became the first ships in the Navy to officially fly the 1775 Navy Jack in celebration of the bicentennial. The jack was raised at noon following the 21 gun salute announcing the arrival of President Ford at the Navy's 200th Birthday ceremony held at Admiral Leutze Park, Washington Navy Yard, 9 October 1975.

Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson, updated by Terry W. McManuels.

Ship's Muster Sheet (Updated 12 March, 2014)

Andersen, Jim Ayers, James Burns, John Carle, Mark
Chasse, Robert Clark, David Dahl, Larry Dovell, Thomas
DuPre, Thomas Flewell, Robert Foster, Carroll Froehling, Stephen
Gober, James Gould, John Groff, James Heebner, Paul
Holdman, James Kovarik, Tim Lamb, Dennis Ledvina, Thomas
Little, Carl Long, Robert Manning, John Massa, Ed
McCulloch, Robert McFall, Jack Mick, Bill Moore, William
Prather, James Raider, Greg Seaquist, Larry Stanley, Peter
Stegenga, R Strawbridge, William Torres, Elliot Velletta, John
White, John      

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