USS Marathon (PG-89)

USS Marathon PG-89

Second US Navy ship to bear the name in honor of Marathon, Florida; Marathon, Ohio; Marathon, New York; Marathon, Texas; and Marathon, Wisconsin, she was commissioned 11 May 1968 at Tacoma WA.  Decommissioned 31 January 1977 at Little Creek VA and transferred to Massachusetts Maritime Academy 18 April 1977. Stricken from the Naval Vessel Register 15 December 1976 and reportedly scrapped

Each command within the U.S. Navy is authorized to display an emblem and motto symbolic of its mission. MARATHON has chosen for her crest a design centered about a shield and torch. The shield itself commemorates those carried into battle by the Greek warriors on the Plain of Marathon in 490 B.C. The blue field, surmounted by thirteen red and white stripes, reflects the American flag under which the ship will serve. The superimposed torch and flame represents ancient Greece and the spirit of freedom which flourished there. Across the banner is the ancient Greek lettering of MARATHON’s motto which translates as "they fought and they conquered." It was with these words that the Greek historian Andocides described his countrymen who saved Athens from Persia at the Battle of Marathon. A crossed gun and trident complete the design; the gun symbolizing the offensive power of the ship and the trident the projection of this power upon the sea. The final design was selected by the Commanding Officer on the basis of a co-operative effort by the entire crew.

On 5 September 1969, MARATHON was awarded the Green "E" and "C" for efficiency in operations and communications. MARATHON was the first patrol gunboat to earn these awards.

Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson, updated by Terry W. McManuels.

Ship's Muster Sheet (Updated 12 March, 2014)

Bartnick, Gregory Beaver, Jerald Bernstein, Sidney Bower, Douglas
Buckley, David Burris, Larry Butler, Albert Carey, Ronald
Cowdery, Richard Dietrich, Lynn Dixon, Eugene Ernst, Bruce
Etheridge, Jewel Frailey, Fred Gilbertson, Stephen Goertzen, Bruce
Harwood, Nollan Hauge, Kurt Hayden, Thomas Idsinga, William
Jedynak, Jerome Kauffmann, Carl King, Rick Kowinski, Michael
Larkin, Jerry Luth, David MacMichael, John Marshall, Michael
Monahan, Robert Mraz, Donald Naillon, Milburn Newville, Dennis
Nicholson, Dwight Osborn, James Peralta, Perry Phelps, Frank
Picotte, Leonard Pinkney, Robert Pistochini, Mark Pommerer, Donald
Revoir, Lenny Ruggiero, Ronald Searcy, Mike Sears, Steven
Sievking, Robert Simon, William Slocumb, Dennis Spratlen, Nicholas
Stewart, Robert Swayngim, Wayne Thayer, John Thomas, James
Treat, Oran Ward, Paul Waterman, Larry Wells, Linton
White, James Witting, Glenn Wlasniewski, Thomas Wollslair, James
Yudes, Alfred Zierten, Guy ZuBia, Salvador  

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