USS Gallup (PG-85)

Gallup was built in Tacoma, Washington by the Tacoma Boat Building Company. On 15 June 1965, Mrs. Goodwin Chase, the ship’s sponsor, started her down the ways with the traditional bottle of champagne. The ship was named after the city of Gallup, New Mexico, the home of the world-famous Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial. There has been one previous USS Gallup in the U. S. Navy, the PF-47, commissioned on 29 February 1944. In October 1951, the original Gallup was transferred to the Thailand Navy and renamed TACHIN, still in active service in the Gulf of Siam. The USS Gallup(PG-85) was commissioned on 22 October 1966 in ceremonies at the Tacoma Municipal Pier. The commissioning speaker was Rear Admiral W. A. BROCKETT, USN (RET), former Chief of the Bureau of Ships. Upon commissioning, the Gallup reported to Commander Amphibious Group THREE, for training and evaluation.

Gallup arrived in the Republic of Viet Nam 30 April 1967. Gallup thus became the first PG to enter the war zone. Having arrived in Danang from Cam Ranh on 13 July, Gallup was ordered by CTF 115.1 to get underway the following morning to assist in the interdiction of a suspected enemy trawler. After transferring CTG 115.1 to USS WILHOITE (DER- 397) at 2030 Gallup took station 10 mile southeast of the trawler in the vicinity of Cape Batangan. Operating on turbine, Gallup closed to 5 miles and opened fire. Approximately twenty hits were scored on the targets causing the trawler to run aground at the mouth of the Quang Ngai River and start to burn.

Gallup proceeded to search junks in the area during the night and to patrol In the immediate vicinity until the trawler was towed by away that afternoon. One million rounds of ammunition, three thousand rifles and numerous explosive devices were captured with the trawler. As a result of this action all officers and the mount captains were recommended for the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the ship was recommended for the Navy Unit Citation.

November 1972 was quite rewarding for Gallup. It was during this time that Gallup learned that she had been nominated as the PHIBPAC representative for the ARLEIGH BURKE Fleet Trophy and also the PHIBPAC Personnel Excellence Award. This was a first for a ship in the PG Fleet.  After an illustrious career, Gallup was decommissioned on 31 January 1977 in San Diego, CA.

Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson.

Updated by Terry W. McManuels

Ship's Muster Sheet (Updated 27 July, 2015)

Aftanas, Aleksander Anderson, Eugene Barger, Charles Baumann, Yasue (H)
Birditt, Charles Blundell, Michael Boyce, Roderick Bridges, Jerry
Bridges, John Butterfield, Eliot Carr, Paul Conley, Laurence
Davies, James Dean, Robert Donovan, William Eggleston, Larry
Ekin, Robert Ekman, Paul Emery, Sidney Eskridge, Norman
Fischer, Jack Gay, Mike Gibbs, Alan Griffin, Geoffrey
Gross, Allen Hammett, Larry Hayes, Richard Iles, Gary
Klotz, Leo Kobylk, Steven Kryder, Thomas Lamarque, Carl
Larson, John Lawson, John Lucindo, Wilfredo Macfie, Wade
Mackey, Floyd Mann, Les May, Robert McGahan, Mark
McGranahan, Jim Mejia, George Metoxen, Gary Mitchell, David
Moon, Melvin Morton, Earnest Muldoon, Patrick Pardo, Servando
Picotte, Thomas Schliem, Curtis Schmidt, Charles Schmidt, Lance
Schmidt, Stephen Sellgren, Charles Singstock, David Smith, Roger
Spane, William Stiff, Dan Stockton, Robert Sullivan, George
Van Gorder, Robert Wade, Albert Walker, Mark Warren, Steve (H)
Wiegand, Jeanne Witt, Greg Wylie, Elezibeth (H) Wysong, Bryan

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