USS Green Bay (PG-101)

Named for Green Bay, Wisconsin, the first US Navy ship to bear the name, the USS Green Bay (PG-101) was built by Peterson Builders Inc, Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin and launched 14 June 1969 and commissioned 5 December 1969 at Boston MA.  Decommissioned 22 April 1977 at Little Creek VA and stricken from the US Naval Vessel Register 1 October 1977. For more commissioning information, click the text in red to visit the web site by plank owner Tom Donaldson dedicated to the USS Green Bay (PG-101) Commissioning.  It has come to my attention that the photograph on the right was taken by Tom Murasky (PH-3), USS Newport News (CA-148) circa 1974.

The ship was transferred to Greece in 1989 and renamed Tolmi (P-230). Green Bay is believed to be the first Patrol Gunboat set milestones in two instances. Green Bay was the first PG to qualify in Naval Gunfire Support, 19 September 1973 and the first PG to change-out a turbine at pierside utilizing ship's company.

The Green Bay was homeported in Little Creek, Va and made numerous trips to Guantanimo Bay, Cuba to serve in the role of the aggressor in fleet exercises.  In addition, the Green Bay participated in many exercises simulated the deployment of Navy Seals and US Marines onto hostile shores.  On 9 August 1974, Green Bay was nominated, by COMPHIBLANT for the Arleigh Burke Award.  She is shown in this photo, taken in the winter of 1973-74 with experimental cold-weather de-icing equipment installed, preparing to receive fuel from the USS Newport News (CG-148). USS BEACON (PG-99), USS GREEN BAY (PG-1O1) and USS HARLAN COUNTY (LST-1196) became the first ships in the Navy to officially fly the 1775 Navy Jack in celebration of the bicentennial.

Click to EnlargeOn 12 November, 1997, I received a letter from Mr. T. L. Valmas, Assistant Editor of Amyntika (Defense Affairs), a Greek-Language monthly magazine and a member of the U. S. Naval Institute.  He noticed our Reunion Announcement in the October Issue of Proceedings and passed on the following information.

The Greek Navy now has custody of the former USS BEACON, {ORMI P-229} and USS GREEN BAY, {TOLMI P-230}). These ships were transferred to the Greek Navy in 1989 and following a maintenance period, became Click to Englargeoperational in 1990. The Gas Turbines have been removed and the ships are used for patrol duties in the Aegean Sea. Also in service with the Turkish Navy is the former USS SURPRISE {BORA P-339} which was transferred in 1973. The Turkish Navy also had custody of USS DEFIANCE {YILDIRIM} which was lost in an explosion off the Greek Island of Mitelene, in the NE Aegean Sea in 1985. The Colombian Navy had custody of USS WELCH and USS TACOMA, and has since transferred them to Customs. The South Korean Navy had custody of USS BENICIA, and has since been decommissioned.

Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson.

Ship's Muster Sheet (Updated 27 July, 2015)

Ansel, William Aydelott, John Beninghove, Stephen Buchanan, Larry
Carlin, Patrick Collyer, Frank Conte, Mark Coy, Kenneth
Enlow, Edward Fagg, Charlie Falsey, Patrick Farmer, William
Fiore, Michael Griffith, David Hughes, Patrick James, Robert
Kay, Harold Kerley, Thomas Larosa, Edwin Lechman, Kenneth
Lydon, Bill Madaras, David Michael, Willie Monzelowsky, Gary
Moore, Joe Moran, Sheila (H) Morris, Don Mulcahey, Kevin
Mullins, Tom Phelps, Frank Reuter, Paul Richardson, Mike
Riddlespurger, Michael Spayd, Steven Thomas, James Thurlow, Robert
Torek, John Tropepe, Steven Winegar, Floyd Zalinka, Stan
Zimmerman, John      

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