USS Douglas (PG-100)

USS Douglas PG-100
Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson

First US Navy ship to bear the name. The welcome aboard pamphlet states that DOUGLAS was named for eight towns and cities.  A check for ZIP codes establishes 10 towns and cities named DOUGLAS; they are located in: Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wyoming

  • Commissioned 6 February 1971 at Tacoma WA

  • Decommissioned 1 October 1977 at Little Creek VA

  • Stricken from the US Naval Vessel Register 1 October 1977

  • Transferred to the David Taylor Naval Research and Development Center Annapolis MD. Renamed RV (Research Vessel) LAUREN. Presently in custody of Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, US Navy at Panama City Beach FL

Each command within the U.S. Navy is authorized to display an emblem and motto symbolic of its mission. mission. The dragon, which dominates the DOUGLAS’ insignia, is the heraldic symbol for vigilance; it is superimposed on a shield, symbolizing defense.

On the shield over the dragon is inscribed the ship’s motto, "VIGILANS ET CONFIDENS," the Latin words meaning "VIGILANT AND BOLD." Surrounding the shield is a helm, the traditional symbol of a seagoing vessel. The eight spokes of the helm symbolize the eight cities and towns in the United States named Douglas.  The ship’s motto challenges the men of the USS DOUGLAS to exercise constant vigilance in defense of the United States, and to strike boldly at any enemy who dares to threaten the freedom of our country.

Douglas was the second to last member of the Asheville Class of Gunboats in service with the U.S. Navy, serving a brief six years between 1971 and 1977. Following her decommissioning she was struck from the US Naval Register and transferred to the Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Douglas was renamed R/V Lauren and underwent an extensive conversion before she was placed in service at Panama City, FL where she operated until her 2005 deactivation. After being relocated to Philidelphia NIMSF in November, 2005 she was held in reserve until 2008 when she was towed off the coast of North Carolina and sunk as a target for Marine Corps pilots operating ouot of MCAS Cherry Point. 

Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson.  Updated on 03/23/2010 by Terry W. McManuels

Ship's Muster Sheet (Updated 27 July, 2015)

Ackley, James Boos, Leroy Chambers, Donald Chandler, Malcom
Collier, David Costilow, Robert Cramer, Michael Doria, Anthony
Eddy, David Fay, Douglas Feltman, Roger Fisher, Steven
Griffin, Michael Hedquist, Douglas Horton, Craig Hughes, Patrick
Jamison, Alan Jensen, Tim Lonnevik, Peter Lorenzen, Timothy
Lucas, Jeff Maples, Clare (H) Martucci, Daniel Molinaro, Anthony
Moore, William Price, Terry Rapp, Charles Scales, Lee
Schadt, Christopher Schuyler, Stephen Shaver, Donald Smartt, Douglas
Smith, Clarence Smith, Steven Sumrall, Samuel Thompson, Jerry
Youngjohn, Irving      

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