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Shirts come in red, white, blue, black, gold and forest green and are priced at $25.00 each for small, medium, large and extra large.   Size 2X are $27.00,  size 3X are $28.00.  Due to increased cost of postage, please include $5.00 shipping on all shirt orders of one shirt, $10.00 for two or more.  We can also now get children's sizes, no pockets are available on children's shirts.  The price for children's shirts are $20.00 each.  Make your check out to Patrol Gunboat Association and mail it to me at:


Patrol Gunboat Association

1673 Kilt Street

Virginia Beach, VA  23464


If you have any questions or special requests click here to e-mail Terry McManuels


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Ball Caps and Coffee Mugs

We usually have a limited number of ball aps and coffee mugs left over from the reunions.  Please call for availability.  


If you have any questions or special requests click here to e-mail Terry McManuels



2012 Portland, OR Reunion Ballcap is $15.00.  The 2012 Coffee Mug is $10.00.  Priority mail shipping is included.  The hat and mug set is $25.00 which includes priority mail shipping.  Click on the photograph to enlarge.  For specific instructions click here to e-mail

 Terry McManuels.

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Every year we try to find a small inexpensive item to give reunion attendees as a souvenir.  This year we gave away a blue cloth tote bag with Patrol Gunboat Association and an image of a PG screened on the side.  One will be included with each hat and mug order as long as supplies last.

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Ship's Patches

Ship's patches are now available for purchase.  These patches will be high-quality stitched, full color replicas of the original patches.  Below each patch will be a tab embroidered with "PGRA".  These 100% embroidered patches are $12.00 each. For specific instructions click here to e-mail Terry McManuels.


To see a full-size photo of each patch, click and it will appear in a new window.  To return to this page, close the window.  NOTE -- Not all patches are available yet.  We are trying to order at least one patch per year.


PG-84 $12.00 each

PG-85  $12.00 each


PG-86  $12.00 each


PG-87  $12.00 each

PG-88  $12.00 each


PG-89  $12.00 each


PG-90  $12.00 each

PG-92  $12.00 each


PG-93 (Not  available)


PG-94 (Not  available)


PG-95 (Not  available)


PG-96 (Not  available)


PG-97 (Not  available)


PG-98 (Not  available)


PG-99 (Not  available)


PG-100 (Not  available)


PG-101  $12.00 each


AGP-1176 (Not  available)


CCR-3 (Not  available)


CRD-21 (Not  available)


PATDIV-21 (Not  available)




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