Red Lion Hotel On The Beach, Jantzen Beach, 

Portland, OR,  2012

     Here are some photographs  from our Portland Reunion.   If you have more photo's from the 2012 Patrol Gunboat Association Reunion and are willing to share them with the rest of us, please send them to me on a cd or if you want, email them to me in batches of 4 or 5 pictures per email.   I also have a program I can give you where you can save your pictures in a folder and allow me to download them directly via the internet.  Email me for information on Team Viewer software if you are interested.  A special thanks to Paul Heebner for sharing his photographs from the 2012 Reunion.

Thursday Dining Out

     Firehouse Restaurant History Building - Early 1900ís, Firehouse 29 was built in the Twentieth Century Italian Renaissance style. Typical of that time, the firemen lived upstairs while the fire horses were stabled downstairs in what is now the main dining room. Fire hoses would be draped from the second floor down into a special section away from the horses to dry after being hand washed each time they were used. The heavy brass fittings on the ends of the hoses would scar the fir walls and these lasting imprints can now be seen in the entry way. Firehouse 29 formed the center of social life in the growing Woodlawn neighborhood. The restaurant is committed to offering seasonal fare using sustainable fish, meats, and produce whenever possible. The building lends itself well to the style of cooking that they do. They use a wood-fired oven, rotisserie and grill that emphasize technique, seasonality, and a simple straight forward approach to food. At the Firehouse Restaurant, there are few things more beautiful than a well-prepared meal in a warm and inviting setting. The staff has worked hard to transform the old Firehouse 29 into a place that is for everyone. The Firehouse Restaurant is a great place to sit, relax, and soak up the warmth from the fires and indulge yourself in a community of diners that all want the same thing: a good meal and wine without any pretext. 



Artisan Cheeses with fruit and honey; Seasonal Bruschetta; Pettole
Cauliflower; Beets; Lettuces

Firehouse Meatballs

Rotisserie Chicken

Italian Butter Cake with Ice Cream
Coffee, Decaffinated Coffee, Tea

Open Bar Provided By Charlie and Sheila Moran



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Photo's From

Paul Heebner

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